FFC   ForceFlowConfiguration + ForceFlowControl

Open for all systems and users


  1. Cost saving: Less effort for supporting the sales offices.
  2. Competititiveness: customers can handle the systems more easily (added value)
  3. Reduction of risks: outsourcing of technical services to the customer.

FFC provides everything from the assembly instruction to the material list:

  1. Process reliability
  2. Just-in-time site preparation
  3. More profit through material savings and cost savings in engineering
  4. Reliable material planning
  5. Improved damage prevention
  6. Reliable and reproductible basis for cost control from the offer to the execution
  7. Improved reactivity in case of changes on-site
engineering offices

The benefit of your technical services increases because a falsework can be optimized instead of only delivering a proof of stability. Engineering services for shoring projects become more attractive for your customers and thus more worthwile for your customer because of reduced costs.

construction companies
  1. More process reliability on-site
  2. More flexibility when unpredictable events occur
  3. Reliable information for the release of erected frameworks on-site
  4. Comprehensive supporting documentation for authorities.