FFC   ForceFlowConfiguration + ForceFlowControl

User Software for shoring systems

FFC is independent of any third-party software

It comprises:

  • The process in the technical office
  • Special CAD-functionality for shoring
  • Proof of structural stability

The shoring systems are transformed into a uniform data model. That enables evidence of structural safety always reliable for a unified state of the art.

Fields of FFC application
The fokus is:
  • Falsework for in-situ concrete construction
  • Platforms for overhead working
  • Shoring structures with integrated working platforms

Why? In these fields of application proper enigneering helps to save material and labour.

More about FFC
Preferred shoring method:

Making ready-to-use shoring units for a particular place below the object which has to be supported.

  • The clearances of the object
  • Fitting into a given clearance the load distribution of a framework structure
  • The foundation



Positioning of shoring units in the shoring layout.

How to implemet my system into FFC

InnoScaff needs the basic data (geometry and static properties) of the shoring parts and the rules of application of the shoring system.

The requirements are:
  1. Contract of accreditation with InnoScaff

    This contract stipulates:
    Possession of rights of the system data
    Guarantee and liability
    Arrangements of confidentiality
    Cost for the use
    Release and administration of user profiles

  2. Preparation and delivery of the system’s data

    In cooperation with the associated FFC developer group, the data will be processed, to ensure that they will be compatible to FFC. The developper group has a direct contractual relation to the provider of the shoring system and developers results to him as proprietor of rights. The developper group implements the data on the FFC management servere with the consent of the proprietor of rights and InnoScaff.

This procedure ensures that SmartScaffolding is definitely neutral to all scaffolding systems!

How to become user of FFC
  • Create an user account: Login
  • Download the FFC software and system data of shoring systems which are free of charge for 30 days.
  • After this period one hast to aquire a prepaid account from which the charges are debited.

Maintenance fee per month: 200 EUR
Maintenance fee per year: 1500 EUR
(excl. VAT)

  • Further charges are due, if documents containing evidence of conformity, i.e. transfer of data, material lists, method statement, load bearing capacity and serviceability are requested.
  • Charges are calculated according to a sheme related to the number of used articles.
  • Before each demand, the user will be provided with a respective offer. After acceptance and payment the documentation will be generated.