from the scaffolding system to the ready-to-use supporting scaffold

The FFC software makes maximum use of the variability of scaffolding systems!

By minimizing the expenditure of time and money for individual verification of structural safety, the following can be achieved:
  • Shorter lead times for the AV for construction operations
  • More flexibility in scaffolding construction in the event of changes
  • More freedom from backlash for optimizations for the purpose of
    • Material savings of up to 30% and more
    • Minimization of component diversity
    • Better utilisation of warehouse stocks
The FFC software handles all technical and formal requirements in the background.
But the user has full control!
All common scaffolding systems can be handled with the FFC software by allowing their manufacturers to
FFC system applications.
Using the FFC programming interface, CAD systems can be modified to generate and read FFC-compatible files!



are based on


Provided by InnoScaff

on the SmartScaffolding webserver


  • Methods and instruments for the design and dimensioning of supporting frameworks
  • Always and everywhere available
  • according to the current state of the art



Provided by InnoScaff

on the SmartScaffolding webserver


  • Master data of components and component connections for handling with FFC
  • always and everywhere available
  • with manufacturer's warranty

How do I become a user?

Would you like to test the FFC software?
Then open a user account on the SmartScaffoldingService page via Log In and download and install the FFC software on your PC.
The download includes system data records of Inno_APS (covers aluminium prop systems) and Inno_MPS (covers modul prop systems) sample scaffolding systems for free and unlimited use.
Further systems only with the consent of the respective scaffolding manufacturer and a credit balance on your user account from which any fees incurred will be debited.