Scaffolding elementary

The initial question is:

How is ist possible that a scaffolding tube with the same dimensions and material properties supports different loads, depending on the shoring system in which it is being used?

The answer is:

In fact, all scaffolding tubes in scaffolding systems bear significant less load as they could, depending on the connections and their influence on the whole system.

Additionally, the remaining load capacity usuall is not being used because in reality the required proofs could not be furnished in an equal quality.

The conclusion is:

Shoring systems could achieve much more! We have the solutions for it! From InnoScaff for everybody!

Our approach:

Based on more than 40 years of experience in shoring and on working as expert in research as well as in development of shoring systems, we offer:

  1. Standardized connections which are easy to connect and disconnect and which does not weaken shoring systems.
  2. Software solutions which cope with the variety and complexity of using shoring systems at any time and anywhere.

Both will be furnished by the services of InnoScaff, for anybody who wants to develop his own shoring systems or who wants to improve and apply an existing system more efficiently.